Search Optimisation (SEO)

Why you need SEO

Whilst developing your new website, Solo and Jones include proven Search Engine Optimisation techniques to ensure higher search listings. This provides an increase in traffic to your website, leading to an increase in enquiries and sales.

SEO involves editing and optimising the content of each page and HTML coding of your website to increase its relevance to your specific product or service. Google and other search engines automatically ‘Crawl’ and then ‘Index’ your website on a regular basis and whilst doing so checks for Search terms, Page Titles, ALT tags, Pagespeed and much more. Most importantly, search engines are looking for good quality content that contains relevant and useful information for the user.

If your industry is very competitive, you may need to go a step further and invest in PPC (pay per click). These are the ads at the top and bottom of search listings, and as the name suggests, you pay for each click. The price of each click depends on how competitve your market is.

Search Engine Optimisation Huddersfield

Google Registration & Verification

Our work doesn’t end when your website is complete! Once live, we register and verify your site on Google. This includes adding a ‘sitemap.xml’ and ‘robots.txt’ file, these important files allow search engines to ‘crawl’ and then ‘index’ your website. Another important file is an ‘htaccess’ file. This ensures any old URL’s (web pages) are linked directly to the new ones, avoiding the dreaded 404 error page (a missing page) and keeping your hard earned position on google!.

Google Analytics Huddersfield
Google Analytics Huddersfield

Google Analytics

We install Google Analytics on every website we produce. Website analytics allow you to see how your website is performing. Analytics tell you how many visitors each of your web pages has had plus which pages of your website prove to be the most popular. It also tells you what devices your website is being viewed on, and can compare data from previous periods. Google Analytics provides the information needed to improve your website, and make it the best it can be.

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Search Engine Optimisation Huddersfield